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Leeds 2015

Performance-based video installation, 2015

Materials: 8 channel video projections, 1 screen printing mesh, 1 speaker.

In research of determination and motivation, there is always a turning point for each individual to define and communicate the term 'identity' when their trajectories encounter the collective. By questioning 'where I go, when I go, how I go', Superwalkwas an attempt to reveal participant’s leadership/followship and the subject of free will through the incorporation of different forms of time-based media. Engaging twenty undergraduate students majoring in Business, Fine Art, Music and Philosophy, participants were organised into different activities including dialogues, conversations and dance, each led by a specific set of rules. Over a four month period they performed in various spaces from lecture theatres to natural settings in parks and woods, challenging the interpretation of spontaneity and improvisation.

Video 1: Superwalk/White

List of participants (over the whole project period):
Georgia Taylor Aguilar, Clémence Bachaud, Zoë Carlon, Lauren Castile, Courtney Haasch, Kate Hodgson, Margarita Huerta, Barta Kristóf, Susanna Rose McAlpine, Eleanor Mason, James Randell, Terrance Richard, Nele Sander, Emma Rose Sheehy, Diana Sofronieva, Aitor González Valencia, Phoebe Walsh, Holly Wilinski, Joe Kiney Whitmore, Rothchild Wong.