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Run with Greg

Event, Leeds 2018

“Endurance running hypothesis asks a fundamental question of performance practice, because it asks us to reconsider the very nature of the human body. In evolutionary terms running produces humanness, it is the body's first performance. Long before arts disciplines and practices, there was running - the act accomplished by human bodies which produced human culture.” (Whelan, 2012)

Over decades of running over tracks, roads, trails and mountains, Greg Hull is a life-time elite distance runner. As the lead coach for endurance running and a sport development officer, he works with the student-led Cross Country Club at the University of Leeds to create a training environment, schedules and enjoyable sessions for all abilities in order to develop autonomous athletes upon graduation. He was formerly the U23 Team Manager, Selector & Coach for Mountain Running.

The Art Through Practice (ATP) research group organises practical sessions that offer both practice-led and research-based scholars new insights into their work.

Film & edit : Zejun Yao

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures
University of Leeds, UK

3 May 2018