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Road Movie

Installation, Leed 2015

Sound installation, 2015

Materials: suitcase, sound creation, fishing lines.

Luggage is a mobile camp for someone who keeps travelling in a contemporary urban context. It is always a choice of what we carry with us towards another space, another time and in different cultures. Luggage is the personal on-the-go witness.

Road Movie is a film without images, a cinema screening hidden within a suitcase, providing the audience with a cinematographic experience through listening and hearing. Using fourteen participants in the instrumentation, composition and recording, the suitcase, suspended in the air by fishing line and giving the impression of defying gravity, delivers a continuous sound diffusion at an average human standing/walking height.

On the surface, the case is covered with stickers from cities and events across the world, a sense of having travelled widely and a collection of personal experiences.

The suitcase — the original piece of this work is always traveling with the artist. The sound installation is based on real-life materials/surrounds of the artist, where the artist moves, the suitcase follows.

List of participants:
Kristóf Barta, Zoë Carlon, Michaela Dehnert, Weronika Fleszar, Judit Fischer, Anna Helgø, Saori Izawa, Mikaela Wretman Lundgren, Mirren Malcolm-Neale, Susanna Rose McAlpine, Nele Sander, Emily Sofaly, Phoebe Walsh, Rothchild Wong