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En vadrouille, les enfants!

Shanghai 2008

Solo exhibition, 2008 - 2009, France/China

"Programme culturel français de Chine" 2009 - French Cultural Centre, Beijing, China.
160 photographs with various formats, 22 texts.
Exhibition opening film: Un baiji dans la lune.

‘En vadrouille, les enfants! (Be adventurous, children!)’ is organized by the France Cultural Centre in Beijing, exhibits in its Alliance Française organisations including Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Canton... etc.

With his first solo exhibition, Zejun Yao lets the visitors discover, every which way, a personal ‘growing time’ of 5 years in 5 cities in France. From Tours, Chambéry, Poitiers, Clermont-Ferrand and Paris. All the images and words has been captured in the context of an interior monologue situation, collected by fragments of conversations or personal reflections, therefore the visitor become an ubiquitous witnesses of an individual’s existence.

Texte En vadrouille, les enfants