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Trafford 3000 + 800

Multi-tasking Tuesday in Manchester. Following a long day walk combined with gallery tour in city centre, felt a bit tried when arriving at Trafford AC stadium. Hand stamped on the entry then 3000 and 800m signed up.

Unlike cross country or trail/fell races, track signifies a different approach which requests a little pace calculation. Couldn’t believe this was already my third attempt as I still remember the 3000 debut (also first track race) three months ago.

Trafford 800 © Pete Brown 2018

Flashback. What happened in that April cold rain evening? The training log marked ‘Slow start with 44s/200m and did not give 'hard' enough during the race.’ And I was confused when every time encountering the lap number notice board: It marks 4 now, so what was the last digit? 3 or 5? Are they gonna increase or cut down the numbers…

Hey Jun July. With the presentable fatigue tonight I decided to target 10:22 after April 10:47 and May 10:31. Since 3000 is about ’speed endurance’ (Greg) so it can be performed with consistent energy delivery with no rush.

Finished in 10:18 and followed with a 2:21 800m. Cool down at 9pm. Time for home.

Trafford 3000 © Jon-Paul Kearns 2018