Standing Desk

Morning run is done.1

My body temperature has gone down through cool down exercises, by going back to my desk and sitting down. It's my first December experience in the UK with a flat doesn't have an advanced heat generation-isolation system. I start to wonder whether the movement of my shaking body in the cold can eventually make a daily-routine-like live performance.

Interesting enough to think about human positions including standing, sitting, walking, running etc during a 'bureau' time sat at my desk. Presuming roles or identities between the artist, chef, runner, cyclist... they all seem to share a similar position, a position in action. On the contrary, the position of sittingis for resting, for pausing, a break time.2

Since I've got a lot of work to do in front of the screen, I wonder, why I must sit.

"May I have a seat?"

No, I don't mind standing.

One solution is a cycling desk, which feels exciting in terms of multitasking. But I've had that experience, in the Charles de Gaulle airport a few years ago,3and I found it's quite distracting to use as a work desk. I'll continue to separate this task into indoor bike trainer and working at my desk.

Since I've been trying to avoid the action of buying things, I may need look around to find "ready-made" items, to find a "re-programmed" solution.

I've got 1 Ikea Ingotable4, practically good enough for a work desk5; 1 Ikea Lackbench6which sits perfectly on the Ingoto support the computer monitor; and finally, a storage box to support the keyboard, mouse and my forearms. Voila my standing desk.

So far, my body appreciates this "new" desk, so much so I've done this text on standingposition and I feel great.

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