Peterborough 5k

It wound not be completed as experience towards The Artisthlete Project if there was just a single research trip without a race... This week, the collective exhibition with symposium in Cambridge saw a 5k race accompanied.

Tuesday AM: Travel Rennes - Southampton - London - Cambridge
PM: Gallery check and 8k with strides at Jesus Green

Wednesday: Exhibition installation
Evening: Train/Bus then the Peterborough 5k

Met Mark in the bus and had the warmup together. Good jog chat about Spain, Lyon and his 10 year marathon running experiences. In July, we both found this ‘nearest’ race opportunity during our mobility yet both agreed that we couldn’t find the race start point. At least we knew where to end.

Few minutes after 7PM, nano drills then strides under shades and the sun.

Race started at 19.30. The past week road trip and travel fatigue started at km 3. There was no turning point and it was just too ‘easy’ to give up at halfway point. I was born in June and every summertime seems always unforgettable with the heat, light backpack, nonstop walking and this year on racing... Maybe I’m still a beginner? Maybe there are no perfect conditions? But this is the way I choose to live with right?

Peterborough 5K, Thorney © PJ 2018

Finished at position 32 in 18:15. Only knew this was a PB after crossing the finish line.

Thanks Shaun from Peterborough AC for the collective cooldown and his special athletic ‘Uber’. From 800m to half marathon, from South France to North England, good conversation to the train station.

The next day is actually today. What happened to the exhibition and symposium? To be continued and bonne nuit for now.

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