Pas inspiré

The aqua blue jumper was bought in 2012. I found it from the archive and decided to wear it again. For the archival freshness or the chronological self-conscience.

The Common Ground cafe was still quiet this morning. Background music was not disturbing until all of sudden, neighbour tables were occupied. It is interesting how we, out of the working time and family activities, are generally delightful to look for the calmness and meditative moments, while most of time we would somehow just surrender ourselves to the mass conversations. The ‘Third Space’ is fallen into the transitional profile-switch fitting room between domestic and workforce spaces and we need the forth fourth. A similar pattern suggests the social media timeline behaviours. It reflects like a waveless lake surface which consistently receives stone-throwing from those passive participants who won’t jump in and swim but still enjoy playing with.

I might become an experience Sōtō monk remaining in silence by finding the inner voice among the random verbal conversation crowd. The writing keyboard was ready to type. And yet I had nothing to say.

Pas inspiré. Breathe.

Moving back to the studio. Quiet. The portable writing keyboard was ready to type. Again.

First few lines produced.

Then, the never activated landline telephone suddenly rang. No. It was attacking.

Wrong number. “Sorry.”

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