My Dream Place Born in 60 Seconds

My Dream Place Born in 60 Seconds

Collective artists’ films, 2015

In curating this collaborative project, invited artists from different countries and with varying practices, (conceptual, installation, contemporary dance, street dancing, athletics, photography, illustration, animation, filmmaking, etc.) to each make a very short film reflecting on and respond to the subject. Looking for a wider scale of authors’ inter-conversations, the 60-second time limit challenged the subject of ‘Lieu ideal’—the ideal place to work and live for an individual artist.

The project premiered at Taipei Film Festival (2015), Taipei, Taiwan; Kaohsiung Film Festival (2015), Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Fest’Yves Arts festival (2016), Quiberon, France.


「YOOOARTxTAIPEI : MY DREAM PLACE BORN IN 60 SECONDS」is a collection of film artwork from 15 Taiwanese filmmakers, curated by YOOOART co-founder Yao Zejun. Based on the theme of “My Dream Place”, fifteen directors make a one-minute short film each. Lau Ket-huat from Malaysia reminisces his hometown in the evening breezes; Huang A-Yao shoots the conversation between the shaman and the god; Yang Kai-yen contacts an interview shown from the homeless people’s point of view… The limited time frame puts the director’s visual experiment to the extreme test.

Curator: YAO Zejun
Coordinator: SUN Chih-shi


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