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Kawauchi Note

Mentally and physically exhausted, Kawauchi delivered the performance until the finish line.

Last year on the 16th of April, by accident I watched partially the Boston Marathon 2018 on live and saw Yuki Kawauchi running. After finished the day from library I read the race results that he eventually won the title as his first major race.

I kept reading Kawauchi’s articles online and thought his running experiences inspiring. Before turned himself into ‘professional’ runner only by 2019, over years and day by day, the dedicated ‘citizen runner’ was undertaking his training accompanied by a full-time office job. From the strength side, his individual approach was distinguishable from conventional elites and amateurs. From the mental side,  not being the fastest marathon runner in the world neither in Japan, what happened was when Boston saw one of the most terrible weather conditions over decades and many midrace dropouts from other elites, Kawauchi delivered the performance until the finish line.