The Elephants Fountain 1

The Elephants Fountain 1

I decided to take the night train from Tours to Lyon and then switch to another going to Chambéry. I wanted to see the Elephants Fountain.

My only bag carries all my items. I like the all-in-one concept, the luggage turns into a ‘mobile camp’, where the carrier is entitled as a member of the digital nomadcommunity. Wherever the term digitalhas been applied, it means we can still confront the real world, not only physically but also by bringing in ideas, planning and our partial ‘digitalisation’. To reconsider storage, volume in space, weight in kilograms, archive, calculation… packing luggage becomes an art. Books are heavy, I use a kindle. Cotton and wool materials are heavy, I use easily compressed items. My laptop is heavy too, but I need its operation system, applications, and above most the full-size keyboard, as voice control and touch screen are still incomparable to input systems. My computer is my second brain, an intellectual powerhouse.

Whereas exception always exists. I had an experience being awoken at 3am by a moderate earthquake. The vibration was instantly established by the vertically shaking furniture and the only decision I could make in that moment in regards to packing was by no-packing, merely grabbing a backpack and looking for the nearest emergency evacuation point. When the real worldhappens to show its natural side, it makes me feel somewhat surreal.

Once packing is complete, the next process is just ready-set-go. It was about 30 minutes’ distance to walk down to the train station, accounting for enough time to throw in a coin into the vending machine for a café allongé, or rather a large coffee, within a plastic cup. A beautiful night with few passengers in the station hall, I stared at all of decorative sculptures on the walls, like a panoramic camera lens in slow motion. After a while, the time for departure came. The train was slightly late and so it almost made me miss the change in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps station. I often wonder if without the indication from the passenger in the next seat, would it be possible to jump-off and jump-on between platform and trains in such few minutes. Otherwise, I would be left in the middle of the journey, facing towards an insufficient narrative alteration.