The present wide span of life journey transmutes and releases a structure of rationality. It comes eventually to the instant I intend to write 'celebration' within the week of birthday.

Abstract: Sésame, ouvre-toi

The word symposium indicates its dialogic segregation of the scholars from the masses, or contrasting the life forms between the 'wise' and the ignorant. 'Ouvre-toi' reflects the exclamatory urge to the research project concerned in the milieu of contemporary civic life.

Impossibility of thinking 1

What could be the presence of the myth of ‘goblin’ in both our historical and present narrative? All of a sudden, I sensed the coexistence of two terms: ‘l’exotisme’ and ‘la naturalisation’.

A Visual Dialogue

Maybe this is the moment we could pick up the journey returning to the fourth part of ‘The Elephants Fountain’. Yet, we would save the text from now and bring back later the little paragraph from Kundera’s Immortality. It is family time.