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Interdisciplinary Emilie Muller

The film started playing in my working studio:

Intro: Tonight re-watched short film Émilie Muller, actually, didn’t remember anything from this film except the title. Then, the film started playing in my working studio:

  1. 0:01 - Music Yesterday afternoon, recording session with Zoë #‎cello
  2. 0:32 - ‘Émilie. Merci.’ This afternoon, had a great recording session with Emily from Paris.
  3. 0:45 - 'Hello. Please, have a seat’ This morning, I left a chair for anyone coming to “see” the DARKROOM showcase.
  4. 0:59 - Light on. a 'real’ working studio in the film. Nick suggested me to use Working Studio equipments as a part of the July exhibition.
  5. 1:30 - 'a man locked in a room’ Yesterday, LIGHTBOX showcase was 3 hours performance inside of a small room.
  6. 1:40 - 'my bag?’ This afternoon, I stopped mysteriously in front of a bag stall and touched one with the same look from the film.
  7. 3:51 - 'I want to have my own house… it has to be a place to go whenever I want, where I can invite my friends, or listen to the music far into the night’ #‎MyDreamPlaceBornIn60Seconds
  8. 4:43 - 'and I spent time in solitude, with a book to read’ Recording session with Mikaela last Friday.
  9. 5:30 - 'Paris - Nice, aller - retour’ Yesterday, someone just talked to me about Nice and Paris.
  10. 16:34 'I didn’t want to grow up. I felt fine as I was’ Les rêves des enfants traversent à jamais les époques. #‎poème
  11. 16:54 'Could you tell me something in Hungarian? Read a poem?’ Recording session with Judit and Kristof last Monday, including reading a poem in Hungarian.
  12. 17:55 'au revoir’ Just interviewed Kerry and Zoë recently.
  13. 19:07 Running Never stop.
  14. 19:29 Image: Pierre Befve #‎Interdisciplinary Sound, Image.

Ref: Émilie Muller - Director, Screenwriter, Interviewer & Runner by Yvon Marciano