First participation in Game One

On the day of Theorem PV, I took a lunch break by running on the Cambridge riverside. That was the day after Peterborough 5k and this recovery run fitted well in the middle of all day symposium.

Cambridge city centre felt flat and it was easy to remain a comfortable pace. Grass around Jesus Green and King’s college extended a perfect loop for a traffic free easy run. Midday sun hitting on the back. Rowing club, tourists and park walkers accompanied my visiting miles. With So many people around, the semi-autopilot mode allowed me to notice characteristics from their appearance, gestures or postures.

Among those, there were two girls walking on the park path, and naturally I saw their footwear. In theory, you need good shoes to be either a photographer in the field (Abbas/Magnum) or a runner performing on different types of terrains. While I always reckon in practice, equipment or materials only matter if they can be driven by a good form of motivation.

Later PV evening at the Ruskin Gallery, I met these girls again by accident and immediately decided to invite them to play my recent work, Board Game M1. By creating a set of photography-based wooden cards with minimal preset rules, I consider BGM1 as an attempt to challenge the debatable relationship between the content and form.

Details about the work and participatory experience will be updated on the ‘Work’ section.

Game One, a narrative relay
Participation with Helana Scott and Callia Kirkham.
Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK
05 July 2017

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