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Dublin Parkrun

Three days in Dublin keep on going fast.

Three days in Dublin keep on going fast. Following on the 2-day transnational CAPP of conferences/panel/workshops/exhibitions... the post-event-Saturday is here.

Good warmup between Airbnb and seaside. Drills and strides. Met and talked to local and other visiting runners. Then, it’s time for the Poolbeg Parkrun🇮🇪.

Started with a controlled pace by following a gentilhomme in front of me though he slowed down a bit after km 1... Before taking the lead, I whispered to the Parkrun goddess and asked her to not demonstrate any surprises (what happens in LA on June 3, Jun?). Few minutes later, found myself auto-paused few seconds(!) by debuting the 3-way trail hill. Looking over the shoulder, I broadcast to the second guy once with his apparence in sight.

- Which way?
- Go! Go! Go! (With a hand gesture)

The rest of the lonesome journey challenged both motivation and determination. They say the word ‘play’ is the cure to our everyday routined life struggle; we say ‘play hard’ only because by getting there with certain intensity and endurance, we would share the instant with this collaborative effort — We will ‘revivre’ what usually left and hidden behind our daily identity.

Finished first for my first ‘overseas’ parkrun if you don’t account obviously Paris🇫🇷 and Leeds🇬🇧! Cool down to the city centre. Sadly the AFD was closed already (we all understand the presence of great weather🦖) and to replace the French Library afternoon time, intentionally I placed myself and these wet kits on the Trinity College’s grass track.

Few hours before ✈️ heading back. To be continued.