Baildon Carnival Canter

14 juillet 2018. Raceday Baildon Carnival Canter Fell 5k.

Heat. Dry land with challenging climb and fast descent. Already a bit dehydrated after the 7.8km warmup.

Even without mentioning the pace management, a noticeable difference in 5k between road and fell race is while you can still run fast, the latter requires full or extra attention to the environment: consistently react and action how to place (feet), where to move (waypoints), what to avoid (rocks?)... Unforgettable post-race memories occurred at each off-road race. Guess that even though sometimes the nature seems to be presented repetitively similar for a city kid like me, the randomness behind those unpredictable patterns makes experiences of intensity and endurance in running unique.

Finished in 22:26 with positon 13. Glad to race with Greg Hull (5th). Lost power at last km and no magic sprint to offer at finish line. More sleep routines need to be stabilised.

According to my watch, the heart rate was at max 201 with average of 188 per minute. A moment for the 2018 summertime.

Photo credit: Dave Woodhead, Linda Grundy

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