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A Screen Performance

We are back at the dance studio.

Let's start with some basic exercises. How about isolation? Let me be your guide. Shall we?

From the top to the bottom — you are welcome to take part in — starting with the head, and of course, you may have any kind of music to accompany you, classical, RnB, contemporary... There you go, stay calm, relax, breathe in and out and don't rush, try to find a fixed point to focus on, then start to shift your view point to the left over your shoulder, and back to the middle, and to the right side.

You've just turned your head left-right at your own pace. Now try to hold your view point towards to front in a neutral position, then let your head fall from the top position to the edge of your left shoulder, slower, slowly. When you come back to the middle, as usual, you can go to the right side.

We haven't finished the head part; you need continue the nodand the head-rotation. During the process, you can focus on your view-point, the music, or on your breath.

It takes many words to reach only the end of the isolationin your head. We look forward to going through the rest of the process as training, in preparation of the whole body: shoulder, arms, chest, waist, hip, legs and feet. You're still aware of the music and your breath, right?

How is that going so far? How do you feel? Your half-hearted reading may pull you out of this state of mind, from your own experience within this immersion.

You see, this is where the text may fail in its job in terms of 'performing', though you are barely get started and you are on the very cusp or beginning of a training routine. Written words might be practical as a descriptive manual, a scientific recording method, or a system of documentation, but it does not represent the sense of feeling.

Now we try to look after this little term, 'feel'. What is it to feelthen? If it comes from a mixture of togetherness of the perceptions and sensibilities, is it be difficult to feel exposed?

Can the feelingbe shareable, be transferable, be learnable? Or somehow be at least expressible? Your sensations at this moment in the dance studio, can be conveyed by dance and your body, with light, sound, voice, temperature, humidity, gravity... all the perceptions related to your position and to the space, with your possible, physical presence. This is one of characteristics deep inside of performance art, as well as all the concrete consciousness each being demonstrated with time passing by.

So that could possibly mean — at this very instant — the text is being 'deconstructed' and 'performed' by a viewer or interpreter like you, it delivers a simple message back to the title, from the bottom to the top:

There is no audience, while the viewer is the sole participant. Text is instructive, which is interpreted and 'imagine-actioned' by yourself. In the end, through the time spent reading, the text itself becomes a sort of time-based media, with your sole participation.